H Holistic Team -
August 17 2023

7 Herbal Teas That Help You Sleep

Insomnia is a terrible condition that affects a large portion of the country. It can cause your productivity to decrease, your quality of work to suffer, and your mental and physical health to weaken.

H Holistic Team -
May 5 2023

Top 5 Holistic Therapies to Manage Chronic Conditions: A Quick Guide To Improving Your Health and Well-being

If you're struggling with managing a chronic health condition, it can be challenging both physically and emotionally. These long-term conditions can significantly impact your quality of life and can be difficult to treat.

H Holistic Team -
December 28 2022

Exploring the Benefits of Acupressure: A Gentle and Effective Approach to Healing

Learn about acupressure, a gentle and effective form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to promote healing and overall well-being. Safe for all ages, acupressure can help alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep and digestion If you're looking for a natural and non-invasive way to improve your physical and emotional well-being, you may want to consider trying acupressure.

H Holistic Team -
December 1 2022

12 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong & Healthy

Our immune system can benefit from some practical and easy-to-implement actions.

H Holistic Team -
January 31 2021

6 Key Reasons Millions Of People Use Alternative Medicine

Maybe you’re curious about alternative medicine and want to know why so many people use it. Maybe you’re skeptical about alternative medicine and are curious about why so many people put their faith in it.

H Holistic Team -
January 22 2021

Are Natural Remedies for You?

Western medicine is slowly losing its appeal as individuals across the nation are shifting their focus towards holistic methods of healing. From the introduction of CBD to using essential oils to cure headaches, the laundry list is vast of natural options.

H Holistic Team -
January 22 2021

Science Backed Uses For Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal practice used to restore homeostasis within the body. Originating in China around 198 BCE, this practice is centered on the flow of energy.

H Holistic Team -
January 21 2021


Here is a list of number of Alternative Medicnes that exist today

H Holistic Team -
June 16 2020

5 Effective Breathing Techniques for Better Health

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of breathing. Because it’s involuntary, you don’t need to remind yourself to do it.

H Holistic Team -
April 30 2020

Self-Care Tips During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

As the global fight against COVID-19 continues, many countries are still under lockdown with strict social distancing guidelines in place. Weddings, graduations, and birthday parties have been canceled. Children are out of school, and parents are working from their laptops at home. Fear and uncertainty are rampant as the death toll rises each day.

H Holistic Team -
June 13 2019

Dry Needling Therapy

What is Dry Needling?

H Holistic Team -
April 29 2019

Mindful Meditation for Brain Health

Introduction to Mindful Meditation

H Holistic Team -
April 17 2019

How A Healing Retreat Can Benefit Your Wellness

You’re tired, you don’t sleep well, you’re not eating right, and your bones ache.

H Holistic Team -
March 18 2019

Is Your Life Designed To Support Wellness?

The question we are asking ourselves here is whether our own personal life, in its current state, is designed to support wellness.

H Holistic Team -
March 7 2019

5 Natural Ways To Thrive

What does it mean to thrive?

H Holistic Team -
February 27 2019

While caring for others, are You Caring for Yourself

Selflessness and selfishness are two very misunderstood terms.

H Holistic Team -
January 25 2019

Creating A Home That Is A Wellness Sanctuary

How can you create a home that feels like “home”?

H Holistic Team -
January 14 2019

Reiki: What is it all about

​What Is Reiki?

H Holistic Team -
December 30 2018

Functional Medicine vs Holistic Medicine vs Natural Medicine vs Integrative Medicine

Through the emergence of new styles of medicinal practice, these four types of medicine get the least amount of attention.

H Holistic Team -
December 28 2018

Cinnamon for the Brain, Benefits of Mental Health & a Vegan Massage

Cinnamon the best spice for the brain, let's not over the importance of Mental Health therapy, and what is meant by a Vegan Massgae....

H Holistic Team -
September 27 2018

Anti-Aging the Holistic Way..

These Holistic techniques can help you slow down the aging process. As people live longer and longer many of us search for a way to slow down the effects of aging.

H Holistic Team -
September 26 2018

Suffering from Chronic Stress? Try These Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Stress Stress is an everyday word that you can encounter too often in this busy, fast-moving world.

H Holistic Team -
August 27 2018

Relax to the Sound of Whales

Listening to the calming sounds of nature is always a great way to help relax the mind and body.

H Holistic Team -
August 27 2018

4 Quick Tips to Increasing Your Body's Immune System Naturally

Imagine a nation that lacks a capable army to defend itself against interlopers and invaders. Or think of what could happen to your important documents and files if you left your computer without any competent shield against malwares and viruses. In almost any imaginable scenario, we know all too well that keeping things defenseless is like walking on a tightrope of doom.