Is Pinterest Worth Using For Your Holistic Business

Holistic Team -

Pinterest is a great tool to use when you are trying to market your holistic business.

Whether or not it is your favorite or most valuable tool, it is certainly worth trying.  A lot of businesses have a presence on there, and there are so many people who visit the website. Here are some ideas for why Pinterest is worth using in your holistic business.

What is Pinterest?

First of all, you should have an understanding of what Pinterest is, and what it is used for. Pinterest is a social media platform that was founded on March 2010, by Ben Silbermann. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with 2000 employees. The founders intended it to be a platform for people to share creative ideas and projects.

People post pictures and videos, and these images are organized by being in different pinboards. At this point, there are so many ideas posted about so many different types of topics. The gamut of concepts seems endless.

On Pinterest, you can find images and videos relating to everything from fashion design, to make up, to workout ideas and beyond. There are plenty of visual tutorials that teach people about how to do different types of activities.

You can easily utilize Pinterest for your holistic business. It is free to start an account, and you can upload and unlimited amount of content.

Knowing the Difference Between Pinterest And Other Platforms

You must also understand how Pinterest is different from other social media platforms.

Sometimes, people just peruse Pinterest to be inspired, though many people search for specific things to find a solution to a problem.

Instagram, on the other hand, is a bit more random. People go on there more for inspiration than to find a solution to a specific problem, and people post a wider range of things. Instagram is the social media platform that you use to lightly keep in touch with people with the option of never speaking to them, ever again.

Pinterest is kind of like Instagram because people post random pictures that are interesting, and the platform is all about uploading images. However, Pinterest is about showing off ideas and lists. It is more oriented toward being an online-learning platform, as well as a platform for people to look at creative ideas for their own work.

When you use Instagram, people post random things that are more about entertainment, such as a bunch of people hanging out at a party or a woman playing with a cat.

Facebook has become more personal and community oriented toward building serious communities. A Facebook profile is more likely to have personal details, such as a person’s full name, what high school they went to, their level of education and whatever they are doing in their lives. People have friends and family on their Facebooks, and they join online communities relating to their interests.

LinkedIn is strictly oriented toward people’s professional lives. It is all about posting a resume and work samples. There are various groups on the site that people can join. It is not strictly image-oriented like Pinterest.

When you use Pinterest for your holistic business, you are relying on the image-oriented nature of Pinterest to get your points across.

Why Pinterest is Worthwhile to Use

It is worthwhile to use Pinterest for your holistic business. First off, it is wise to use as many social media sites as possible and to spread your presence over the internet as widely as you possibly can.

There is really nothing to lose by creating a presence for your business on Pinterest and observing who is looking at your content. It’s wise to establish a presence on Pinterest because the platform is well-known and used by so many people.

Even if it is not your personal favorite, there are still enough people on the site to make it an ideal place to establish a presence for your holistic business. When it comes to social media platforms, there are people who use some platforms and not others.

So, if you use Pinterest, you may attract the attention of people who use Pinterest but don’t use other social media platforms—or your may attract the attention of people who are more active on Pinterest and pay more attention to Pinterest while paying little to no attention to other platforms.

If you already use Instagram and Facebook, for example, you may be missing out on grabbing the attention of people who are active on Pinterest. Even if you do not personally like Pinterest, or if you have few to no followers, it does not hurt to show face on there.  If you use Pinterest for your holistic business and find that you never have a large following, don't take it personally or take it as a big deal.

Who Uses Pinterest?

When it comes to using Pinterest for your holistic business, you should be aware of the statistics and demographics that surround the platform. These pieces of information can help you to properly market your business through Pinterest.

On a monthly basis, upward of 335 million people use Pinterest. About 50% or more of Pinterest users are outside of the United States. Eighty-eight million Pinterest users are from the United States. Most Pinterest users are females, who make up 71% of the platform’s users.

Most new accounts are also made by females, who make up 60% of people who create new accounts. Every month, about half of Millennials in the United States use Pinterest. The average age of users is 40 years old, though most people who use Pinterest are under the age of 40.

More than half of the people who use Pinterest bring in an income of $50,000.00 or more per year. About 10% of Pinterest users bring in a household income of more than $125,000.00. Out of every ten Millennials who use Pinterest, six use it to discover new items. Forty-seven percent of people who use socials media use it to shop around for items that they plan on purchasing.

What Can Be Stipulated from These Statistics?

Looking at these statistics, many things can be inferred. First off, most of the people who use Pinterest are females. So, how does this aspect mesh with your holistic business? Are you specifically gearing your business toward females, or toward males?

Perhaps you are gearing your business toward both males and females? Pinterest has a large following of people from all over the world. About 50% or more users are from outside the United States, though many users are in the United States.

There is such as broad range of people all over the world who use the site. Also, most of the people who use Pinterest make upward of $50,000.00. With that in mind, think of how money plays a huge role in people’s lives. A person making somewhere well below $50,000.00 may have different needs, mindsets, and ways of doing things than someone who is making upward of $50,000. The person making below $50,000.00 may be more likely to cut corners and not spend as much money or may spend more on certain things than others.

Someone who is annually making upward of $50,000.00—the type of person who frequently uses Pinterest—may be more likely to buy your goods and services than someone who is making less. Using Pinterest for your holistic business may catch the interest of these middle and upper income earners who frequent the site. It is also quite obvious that people look at Pinterest as a way to determine what material items, goods and services they want to buy.

Using Pinterest for your holistic business is a great way to provide people with knowledge of the services that your holistic business gives.

Being More Trustworthy

Having a presence on Pinterest may make you come off as being more trustworthy. Potential clients may look up the name of your business to see what credentials and online presence you have. Simply having a traceable presence may make your business seem less shady and more trustworthy.

Using Pinterest for your holistic business may act like a credential, within itself.

Showing Off Your Expertise

Potential clients want to know whether your business can do holistic work. Pinterest is the right place to show off your business’s services and skills. It can be a medium that allows you to show off the fine work that your business does. Utilizing the services of Pinterest for your holistic business will give you the opportunity to have a portfolio of work and expertise.

Pique People’s Interest

It is important to create content that is beautiful and comprehensive. You can take eye-catching pictures that strike interest. Or, you can create lists and tutorials that are very easy to read and understand.

If your content captivates people, they may be interested in looking at your other content and seeing what your business is about. Ninety-seven percent of the searches are not branded, which means that people are typing in words that have nothing to do with brands.

People are not going to be searching for your business, though they will be searching for interesting images. This creates an interesting, unique opportunity to reel people in tastefully and artistically.

Quick tips for succeeding on Pinterest

  • Set a Goal and Make a Plan: Define your objectives for marketing on Pinterest. Develop a content strategy. Plan for any seasonal events that you want to take advantage of.
  • Categories: Be sure to pick the best categories that fit your content. This will increase the chances of your content being discovered, pinned and shared.
  • Keywords: And speaking of discovering content, be sure to use keywords. Choose your keywords that match you visual and remember Pinterest is more educational so try to use keywords that fit the users intent such as how to’s, 10 Steps to….. etc.
  • Best sure you put keywords in all the right places:
  • Bio and profile
  • Pin descriptions
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions
  • Image-Alt-Text
  • Use Hashtags: In combination with your keywords Hashtags can help you organically reach your target market. Used correctly Hashtags can help find pins and boards
  • Follow best practices to stand out
    • Maintain a 2:3 aspect ratio Including your brand logo
    • Adding text overlay with concise, targeted copy to tell better stories
    • Choosing images that show context – this includes showing a product or service in a lifestyle setting or showing a use case in action that brings it to life.
  • Make use of Pinterest Ads: Another effective way to follow through on Pinterest is with ads. Target ads around your demographic keywords, interests, location, age etc. Ads will give you control over who, when, and where users will see your content.
  • Take advantage of the Shop the Look the Look Pin: Make it easy for Pinterest users to buy your product and services. This feature allows users to click on a link that will take them to shopping product page.

In conclusion, Pinterest is a good tool for your holistic business because it is a widely used platform that has a lot of users. There is a high probability that people will see your content. Even if it is not your main platform, it is still a good idea to put your business’s presence on it.

The platform gives you an opportunity to pique the interest of potential clients with eye-catching images and videos. You can use your creativity to capture interest. The demographics of people who use Pinterest might make it a better platform, in some ways, to market yourself. There are numerous unique things about Pinterest that make it easier to market in certain ways. It's great to use Pinterest for your holistic business.