Why Content Marketing for Your Holistic Business?

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Since the world is so fast paced today and technology has advanced even more, it is much more vital to have a marketing system that will make your business advertising more effective.

Social media is becoming one of the most popular ways to market a company and its products or services. Your main goal is probably to have your business noticed by customers, and quickly.

Certainly, you want your company to have the cutting edge to remain as effective as possible. That is why content marketing for your holistic business is very important.

Content Marketing – What is It?

Content marketing is an advertising technique involves creating, publishing and distributing content to a targeted group of people, to attract new traffic, and thus new customers, to your company and its products and/or services.

To accomplish such goals, it is typically done through social media, blogging (with text or videos), e-books and additional downloadable or communicating/interactive methods that show people, prospective or current customers, your brand and expertise.

Do you recall the saying, “Content is King”?

Bill Gates came up with that saying, and he wrote an essay about it in 1996. As one can imagine, times have changed tremendously since 1996, so marketing content is even more vital today.

Years ago, content marketing was used to simply set your company apart from other companies that had similar products and/or services. Today, it has become extremely vital for any current brand.

Content advertising is at the core of most fruitful online marketing campaigns. Behind each superior brand is a prosperity of valuable and appropriate content that truly correlates with the business’ customers and prospective buyers.

You still might be thinking, “Why is this Type of Marketing So Crucial”?

First, let’s look at a sample of content marketing: Let’s say that you work as a acupuncturist and your company has reached a state of little or no change after a time of constant transactions and progress.

Let’s say this situation occurred within the past year or so. You still want your business and its clientele to grow, so you start blogging with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) blogs. You post two to three blogs per week.

You notice that the blog posts begin to rank on search engines. People seem to like your posts and keep coming back to read other posts. They find your blog because of specific keywords you used when you wrote the blogs, they read your expert posts and want to read more of them each week.

While some individuals might elect to fix their problems without someone’s help, other people might choose to trust your expertise and contact you to sign up for your services.

Content marketing like the scenario above is one of the most successful methods of attracting traffic to practically any company. 

What is the First Aspect of Attracting and Keeping Customers?

Trust. It is important to build trust with your clientele. As written above, in the acupuncturist scenario, a business owner used his or her expertise to gain trust from his online viewers – potential customers.

The more content you develop and share with your targeted audience, the more obvious it becomes that you are an expert on the topics you share. Most people trust experts and would hire them to help them solve their problems.

Another aspect of content marketing for your holistic business involves branding.

Building Brand Awareness

If your company does not have a brand out there, it could be tougher to attract new clients. If you do it appropriately, you can use content marketing to drastically enhance traffic to your website, social media pages and blogs.

When that happens, you could have consistent, quality traffic and inbound URLs to your website(s), and your brand would get noticed by many people.

You would be able to generate additional leads and awareness about your business and its products and/or services through your unique content and use it to show people your knowledge over and over.

Improving Brand Reputation by Building Trust via Content Advertising

In our current online world, it is even more important that companies work on building trust with their consumers and leads. Establishing trust can assist the company with establishing an additionally positive brand reputation.

As mentioned above, having expert content can assist your business with building trust amongst your customers. If your content is related to your products and/or services, online readers will see the connection and could develop a positive opinion about you and your company.

If the articles, posts or social media pages have educational, informative and useful information on them, their minds could start to think about your holistic business in the same way.

The more useful information you can provide, the simpler it will be to build trust between you and your clients and prospective customers – your targeted audience.

When people see that your content is written from an expert’s point of view and see content on every one of your platforms, they might view you as a leader in your field.

Also, publishing content via 3rd party publishers or sharing blogs and articles related to your products with influencers could help you out even further – with building trusts with your targeted audience.

Content Marketing for Your Holistic Company – Getting Higher Rankings in Search Engines (SEO)

When you go online and look for a certain product or service, do you type in specific keywords to help you find what you are looking for faster? Do you see results pop up – while using Google as your search engine, for example?

Adding the right keywords and the proper percentage of them into articles and blog posts will help you reach the higher rankings in search engines. Therefore, people will find your articles/blogs faster, and, ultimately, your products and/or services.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for your success. If you are not getting the results you want and need help, you might want to contact a professional SEO content marketing company for a free consultation.

Other aspects of content marketing that your holistic business might want to know about are:

Lead generation

If you use content marketing, the advertising technique will enable online visitors to locate you via your helpful, expert and educational content.

Attracting ideal buyers

All that discussion regarding leads is awesome, but if you get leads that are unqualified ones, that would not be awesome. It is important to attract “ideal” buyers, or you might be wasting precious time.

Converting more website viewers into leads

Leads can be achieved by following basic steps. Turning online visitors into leads happens during the visitor’s navigation throughout your site(s).

There are three chef stages during the navigation process -- your visitor’s journey within your content:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Awareness Stage:

In this stage, the online visitor has just realized that he or she has a problem with back pain, and is looking for way to address it.  For instance, he or she got a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), so he or she needs to learn more about that situation.

The man or woman uses Goggle and uses the keywords “acupucture for back pain". The search results bring him or her to your content, which is a blog post titled, “How Acupuncture can Relieve Your Backpain.”

While the reader reads your post, he or she learns about the benefits of acupuncture and starts to trust you and your business. He or she goes to your site’s landing page to download an additionally extensive source, which might be an e-book titled, “7 things every person should know be getting accupuncture.”

You have established your knowledge and gained his or her trust.

Consideration Stage:

Now, he or she is in the next stage – the consideration stage. This stage is where he or she evaluates the resolutions to his or her problem.

At this time, the online reader begins to view your videos, which explain how to reduce tax debt, and he or she looks at, a case study that you have prepared, for example.

The case study might be about a business owner who paid off debt in half the time. At this point and time, there is no doubt in the online reader’s mind that your company is a skilled resource to assist with solving his or her issue.

Decision Stage:

As the online visitor reaches the decision stage, he or she is prepared to move forward. He or she initially wished to handle the problem alone, but after doing research and reading and watching your posts, videos and case study, he or she had elected to hire someone to help solve the problem – hire you.

A friend of your website visitor had recommended a different business, but after he or she read you expert information, and after looking at your prices, he or she clicked on the free consultation button and contacts your business.

Congrats on your new customer!

Content marketing helped yournew customer locate your holistic business, which qualified him or her as an awesome lead.

Based on the easy and fast search results and your knowledgeable content, he or she had already made a choice to choose your business.

A couple other aspect regarding content marketing you might want to keep in mind and learn more about are:

  • Get site visitors to share your expert content on social media sites – without stepping on toes
  • Give people a reason to keep coming back to your online pages
  • Build backlinks

As you can see, content marketing for your holistic business involves a few diverse areas, but it could bring you more customers and more traffic to your online pages.

The more content you have out there and the more sites you use, could bring you an even more successful business.

Using the proper SEO will help people find your content even faster. If you started out great and have noticed that your search engine rankings need help, or if you are starting a new business and need to get your name and brand out there, you might want to talk to an expert content marketing company to learn more.