Ivory Angelic

102 Roadrunner Dr Sedona

Ivory has been on an intense spiritual journey since 1986 when she had a profound spiritual awakening. She is currently working on her PhD in clinical hypnotherapy. Ivory has a very calm manner and is able to help you through spiritual dilemmas, understand your own spiritual awakening, guide you through a move to the next spiritual level, as well as explaining unusual occurrences you may be experiencing.

For over 17 years, Ivory has been a QiGong energy healing practitioner. She has extensive experience healing people of very serious ailments. Ivory specializes in providing powerful energy healing to people who are survivors of abuse/trauma and persons with addictions.

She also heals many physical and emotional issues. Other types of healing that Ivory offers are Tapping; and Sound/Energy healing. She has an office in Sedona, Arizona. Healings are done in person. Spiritual counseling is offered in person, as well as by phone/skype.