Katherine Metcalf-Professional Astrologer & Intuitive

7317 W Corrine Drive Peoria AZ 85381

Katherine is passionate about helping you reconnect with the unique shining star you truly are! She combines her intuitive abilities, life experience and her knowledge of Astrology & Tarot to assist you on your path to a joyful and purposeful life. 
Katherine has had her nose stuck in Astrology books since the age of 13! As a teenager, she was fascinated with philosophy and religion; she studied everything from Buddhism, Christianity, and Kabbalah to the Tao. In her 20’s and early 30’s Katherine immersed herself in the mystical studies of ESP, Numerology, Reincarnation and Tarot. She enhanced her psychic abilities and enjoyed doing readings for her friends and family. 
In her late 30’s Katherine felt lost, unhappy and unsure of her path in life even though she had all the “things” that are supposed to make one happy: she was married, had a successful career and owned a home; yet she felt empty. At her mid-life “crisis” at the age of 41 while running away to Greece- she finally found herself! While doing a tarot reading and analyzing her own Astrology chart-she had her “AHA” moment-she realized her calling was to be an intuitive consultant! She knew that she could help others by sharing her life experience and the talents she had honed for the past 20 years!
 In her 40’s Katherine got professionally certified as an Astrologer, became a contributing writer to several publications and volunteered her time with an elite group of psychics that worked with the police in solving missing person cases. She also started teaching Metaphysical classes at the college level and got certified as a Hypnotherapist.
Fast forward fifteen years to now and Katherine is grateful to live her passion. The majority of her time is spent consulting women in transition and helping them on successful paths to fulfillment. Katherine realizes that many of her most challenging life experiences such as abuse, divorce, caretaking and death of loved ones have only strengthened her and allowed her to truly understand and connect with her clients. 
Katherine is proud to be a contributing author to one of the top spiritual books on Amazon.com entitled “Happiness Awaits You”. She has also produced a meditation cd called “White Light & Pink Sprinkles” that connects the listener to their guardian angels. Katherine is now frequently called upon as a metaphysical expert by several TV and radio stations.
Katherine looks forward to assisting you~