Tracey Owens, Empowerment Catalyst and Spiritual Teacher

1730 Northeast Expressway NE Atlanta Georgia 30329

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Tracey Owens, Empowerment Catalyst and Spiritual Teacher, brings her own unique perspective to living in a truly empowered, authentic way.  With many years’ experience working in a variety of energy healing modalities, she brings a rare and welcome combination of mental brilliance, heartfelt warmth, and spiritual curiosity to her life and work.  Her clients often refer to her as their very own "Personal Power Activator!" 

Tracey’s gifts include the ability to inspire others due to her own past experiences and her ability to communicate with extraordinary ease and clarity.  She brings power forward as she taps into her healing gifts and uses her strengths and abilities to a high degree.  Tracey believes anyone can choose to unlearn programmed beliefs and conditioning. She also believes that  transformation occurs through the conscious commitment of aligning how one thinks, speaks, feels, and acts.  Living from this creative energetic space, one is connected more deeply to self, others, and all of Life.

Her services are a combination of Spiritual Counseling, Thought Transformation and Energy Healing Work.  This combination creates a welcoming environment for deep and lasting change to be brought forward and implemented.  Tracey provides a safe, non-judgmental, sacred space where clients can experience relief from physical and emotional pain, learn about where they may hold energetic blocks while gaining greater connection to their own source of wisdom, power and loving. Some of the issues she assists clients with include insecurity and low self-esteem, addiction and recovery, depression and stress, resolving and healing unconscious blocks to success, releasing automatic negative thoughts and emotions, including anger, improving physical health and overall vitality, reconnecting with personal power, and uncovering one’s calling, life purpose or 'mission.’

Tracey sees the wholeness of every individual through a compassionate understanding of suffering caused by life's circumstances.  Her intention is to create a sacred space that allows one to share their personal journey without fear of judgment.  She realizes that working towards better health and wellbeing is a team effort and holds herself accountable to providing a safe environment for her clients, to being fully present with each individual, to listening to understand their situation and to using her intuition, knowledge and energetic gifts to best meet each client’s needs.