Ayurveda Wellness

240 Regency Ct. Suite 201 Brookfield WI 53045

Ayurveda is the ancient, holistic healing system from India which supports individuals in living a healthy life and correcting in internal imbalances resulting in symptoms and disease conditions through natural tools, lifestyle adjustments and dietary modifications.  Ayurveda believes that each individual is unique and their path to optimal health is also unique.  As such, all dietary, lifestyle, and re-balancing programs are individually tailored.  Yoga and meditation tools, Ayurveda body therapies, aromatherapy, and natural herbal products are used as support tools.  Due to Ayurveda's unique wellness model, I can not only support your healing and rebalancing, but teach you how to live to truly prevent future issues and instead enjoy a life of health, fulfillment and longevity.