The Unbecoming Journey LLC

4525 Bartholomew Dr Des Moines IA

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My Name is Riley, and I created The Unbecoming Journey.

The Unbecoming Journey uses Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy, Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Energy Work, and Embodiment Practices to release our fears, trauma, doubts, pain, and the limiting beliefs, wounds, and patterns we ALL develop growing up, which affect us as adults.

To Unbecome is to let go, to release, to rediscover. The Unbecoming Journey is a safe space where you develop skills, power, knowledge, and self-love, deep, honest, true self-love.

The Unbecoming Journey allows you to step into your power and live your life filled with divine purpose and loving awareness of who you are. When you do this work, when you invest in healing yourself, it creates a ripple effect, the healing for everyone around you. This work will transform you.

You are ready to release. You are ready to heal. You are ready to come home to your body. Start your Unbecoming Journey today.