Dr. Yuriy May | Natural Dentistry

2 Forest Park Dr. Unit 1 Farmington CT ‎06032

"Dr. Yuriy May is a nationally acclaimed dentist with specialties in minimally invasive surgical techniques, full mouth reconstruction and holistic dentistry. Dr. May has won numerous awards for natural smile transformations specifically focusing on advanced natural proportions, bone shaping, and sculpting mouth lines to improve skin sagging and reverse signs of aging in the using the mouth as the canvas. He is a renowned award winning holistic dentist and dental implant specialist in the US. Natural Dentistry has been a nationally recognized leader in advanced reconstruction implant dentistry and dental esthetics and is a leader in Connecticut for holistic and biological dentistry and a holistic approach to oral care. The practice was the first and remains the only to offer a one-of-a-kind elite customer experience, offering streaming Netflix movies during procedures, noise-cancelling BEATS headphones for podcasts/music, and complementary organic paraffin wax hand treatments. The high-end advanced dental implant and holistic dentistry practice has been on the forefront of bringing new technologies to its patients, as well as now offering the best natural and holistic treatments available in the industry. Natural Dentistry is the #1 safe amalgam removal dental practice in Connecticut and the #1 Zirconia Non-Metal Dental Implant Specialist in CT. Advanced Dental Implant Dentist & Holistic Dentist *Voted #1 Natural Cosmetic Dentist in CT* *Awarded Best Holistic Dentist in Hartford* *Best Dental Implant Specialist in CT* ~~Award Winning Services~~ Full-Mouth Reconstruction Dental Implants (Traditional & Biocompatible Zirconia) Crowns & Veneers (Top Lab in East Cost) Facial Reconstruction & Full Smile Makeovers Safe Amalgam Removal (#1 practice in Connecticut) ~~Full Dental Services~~ O-Zone Therapy *Holistic* Root Canal Therapy *Holistic* Sleep Apnea TMJ Treatment Laser Therapy - Solea Laser Expert! Extractions (Dr. May - surgically trained dental specialist) Zirconia Dental Implants (Top Implant Specialist in CT) Advanced Dental Implant Placement Organic Tooth Whitening ~~Routine Services~~ Meticulous & Gentle cleanings w/ essential oils & ozone Intra-oral camera exam with a video tour of your mouth (A unique experience!) Digital 3D Scans (90% less radiation vs Traditional x-rays) Oral Cancer Screening Dental Planning - Multi-Year Dr. Yuriy May actively partners with Primary Physicians, Oncologist, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Periodontists, and other patient specialists to maximize patients' health at a holistic level. "