Blueprint Healing Arts Center, Siranush K Cholakian MD, Garo K Cholakian DDS

64-06 Fitchett St Rego Park

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Integrative Medicine and Dentistry Center.We bring together the knowledge and methods of western medicine and dentistry and the renewed healing practices of the old schools of medicine. Siranush K. Cholakian, MD, board certified in Family Medicine is the founder of the Center. For 15 years she has practiced Integrative Medicine.The alternative healing modalities she uses most often are energy healings, kinesiology, aroma therapy,crystal healings, past life regression, breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, vibrational healings with sound, color, shapes and reprogramming.Garo K. Cholakian, DDS has 25 years of experience in general dentistry. His credo is preserving the natural dentition. He does root canals, fillings, bridges, dentures, gum surgeries and cleaning. He also advises on proper dental care, and teaches correct brushing and flossing techniques. His patients enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth.