Optimum Solutions LLC, Holistic Health Consultants

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We specialize in naturally balancing hormones and body chemistry for men and women. Prevention and Rebuilding is what we are about. Call for a FREE CD on natural health solutions 337-989-0572OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS HOLISTIC HEALTH is all about prevention and rebuilding. Dr. Marie Pace, ND, CNC is a doctor of naturopathy specializing in helping men and women balance their hormones and body chemistry by utilizing natural bio-identical hormones, saliva hormone testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Food allergy testing and full thyroid blood testing. We also specialize in FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE evaluation of standard blood testing. Through our alternative testing methods we have the ability to help clients throughout the United States. Dr. Pace has created an exclusive bio-identical PROGESTERONE cream like no other, as well as numerous natural supplements to assist with rebuilding adrenal glands and detoxing safely.