Body Awareness Studio

5549 Roswell Road Atlanta GA 30342

Body Awareness combines the best of Pilates, Resistance Stretching and Energy Medicine to train a uniformly developed body, mind and spirit.The Pilates classes at Body Awareness Studio offer a gentle, yet highly effective fitness program.The movement is slow and rhythmic, with the focus on using correct body mechanics to develop the major postural muscles. Pilates exercises strengthen the body’s core muscles, producing a flat stomach, strong lower back, and toned buttocks, inner thighs and hamstrings. Emphasis on stretching creates long, flexible muscles. Controlled, thoughtful movement reduces the effects of stress on the body and the mind.
The rewards of moving properly can be felt outside the studio, and clients often experience a profound difference in how they approach daily activities. We offer Private Sessions and Group Reformer classes for all levels of experience, as well as other forms of movement classes to supplement your Pilates training. Many of the clients are looking for a safe way to begin moving again after an injury or just starting from scratch. Specialty private sessions are designed to open the body and the heart for more freedom physically, mentally and emotionally.