Medium and Psychic Petra

2 Hacienda Heights Colorado Springs CO 90806

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Petra is Internationally Recognized Psychic - Medium who travels the world. 

 Petra has been giving readings for over 20 years both in the US and abroad. 
Petra's readings are amazingly accurate that not only they provide invaluable guidance, directions and messages from Angels and Masters of Heaven to many, but also one will receive extremely accurate and valuable information, tools, guidance and powerful healing on important aspects of one life's challenges. 
 As a medium, Petra receives and shares the messages from your loved ones to show you that her spiritual work and the messages are accurate.

 Talking to her is like meeting a friend whom you loved so dearly, but lost a long time ago finally and met again. The friend that knows and senses everything about you, your sadness and your pain, and always seems to be able to tell you what to do about the things that trouble you. Petra is a Spiritual-soul healer and through her spirit guide Quan Ying she is able to reach your troubled soul deep down, heal the sadness and pain from your heart, repair the damage, encourage you, and give you the strength and the direction to continue through your life on this planet. Petra never judges you nor your actions. She takes you for who you are. She touches your soul and brings into your life a little bit of the Other Side, reminding you that you are a very precious, special and glorious soul. Petra fills your heart with Angel’s love and grace. Everything that Petra does is through the grace of Masters of Heaven and Angels.

 Petra is certified as past life regression therapist, REIKI master/teacher, KARUNA-KI mater/teacher.
 Petra also offers Angel Therapy-spiritual healing, pet communication and many spiritual developing and healing classes trough out the year.

Petra may also be booked by going to her website by clicking on "CONSULTATIONS" and filling out the Appointment Form or you can email Petra @ to request an appointment with her.