66665 Fry Ct. Homer AK 99603

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I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in practice for 25 years, powerful a foundation for treating the body, mind and spirit. I have specialties in nutrition, relationship issues, injuries, illness and support of spiritual awakening. In addition I am a Bio-magnetic Pair Therapist, a modality that is effective treatment for pathogens, virus, bacteria, parasite and fungus infections.

I offer wild edible and medicinal plant classes in the summer focused on Alaska plants. Classes include plant identification, sustainable gathering practices, herbal and medicinal properties, and the preparation of plant medicine and food. 

The AnamCara Program provides training in spiritual development and healing grounded in Celtic Tradition. Utilize the chakra system, understanding of energy fields, human development, energy healing, and indigenous traditions. Please check the website for complete information and class schedule.