Meditative Wellness

P O Box 508 Dumont, Colorado 80436

Everything is energetic vibration! As spiritual beings having a human experience, aspects of our being experience difficulties, trauma, and damage. Chakras become unbalanced or even shut down. The good news is that like other beautifully created instruments, we can tune our chakras and auric layers to resonate perfectly and make beautiful music according to our purpose in life, our joy, wellbeing, and success.

I am a certified Chakra Sound Vibrational Healer & Reiki Practitioner. I am in love with sound vibrational healing. I use tuning forks specially designated for each chakra and auric layer. When I hear or feel dissonance in your session, I work in that area until the vibration is clear.

After your session, I will send you a brief report. You may rest during the session or carry on with your normal activities.

Namaste and Thank you for choosing me as your Chakra Sound Vibrational Healer.