Advanced Medicine of Mt. Kisco, PC

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BRAIN FUNCTIONThe most advanced natural nutritional treatment and support for all stages of cancer – high dose vitamin C, European herbals, Iscador (mistletoe), ozone, immune boosters. Specializing in removal of cancer causing toxins. Call for free consultation.DETOXIFICATIONWestchester’s most experienced office for the detection and treatment of toxic metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc), the underlying cause of many inflammatory, immune and digestive conditions. Years of experience with chelation, IV or oral. Call for free consultation. DIGESTIVE DISORDERSEnjoy a life free of cramps, bloating and food restrictions. Treating inflammatory and irritable bowel conditions, GERD, malabsorption, celiac and constipation, with natural and effective remedies. In-office gastric acid and autonomic nerve testing. Call for free consultation.HORMONESTo be “in balance” female hormones must cycle properly, interact with testosterone, cortisone and thyroid and respond to stresses and environmental toxins. Advanced Medicine of Mount Kisco can restore healthy hormone function by natural treatments of this complex system.