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Are you constantly feeling fatigued or not quite your usual energetic self?

Did you know that those feelings are often related to things going on inside of you that you may not be aware of?

Things such as lurking toxins, hormones and nutritional imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities, and organ stress can greatly impact your overall well-being?

Balanced Health scans for all that.

Completely non invasive:

  • No Xrays
  • No Needles
  • No Elimination Diets

Just a swab of saliva and hair sample is all that is needed.

More about BioEnergetic Testing

All matter holds energy, and this energy is measurable. Dr. Voll discovered this back in the 1940s. With this discovery, he also developed equipment that was able to read this energy.

To think deeper about equipment that can measure energy, think about MRIs, CT scans, or even EKGs. These are all forms of equipment that measure energy, just in different ways.

Bioresonance testing is another way to measure energy and is used to study how someone’s hair and saliva reacts to a variety of things.

Here are a few examples:

First, food sensitivities.

If a person's sample is taken and exposed to bananas, and it falls within a range of 50 to 59 hertz, which is the measurement unit used, the test shows bananas are not a sensitivity to that person.

Now let’s say that same sample is exposed to wheat and expose to the energy or code of wheat, and the value jumps up to 65, then we know that client is sensitive to wheat.

The further in either direction away from 50 to 59, the bigger the sensitivity.

Now, let’s look at toxins.

For example when testing and see that a bacteria is resonating, there is the ablilty to basically filtering through thousands of codes or energies of bacteria to find the exact code that matches with that person’s hair and saliva.

Finding that exact match, means that this person has been exposed to that bacteria and is holding the energy of it.

Maybe the physical bacteria is no longer there, but the remnants of energy still is, which means it can still impact that client negatively, and it needs to be cleared.

Final example, let’s chat about nutritional deficiencies.

The same filtering mechanism can be used to help filter through different nutritional categories and see if there are missing codes of specific nutrients.

So, for example, B12 has its own energetic code, as does glutamine and selenium. Filtering through these nutritional categories helps identify a missing code for a specific nutrient, idetify which nutriants that person may b deficient in.

Hopefully, these examples give you a little idea at a deeper level of how the technology works.

Balanced Heath Scans tests against thousands of toxins, hundreds of possible sensitivities for close to 30 hormones and against thousands of remedies.

With parameters this big, test are able to get down to the specifics in so many different areas that the test can hone in on what each person needs to focus on the most.

Identifying what’s the most important thing that needs to be tackled, tackle it, and then move on to the next issue.

Watch video below to learn more about the Scan Report

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Use Code: hdacbh and get $20 off any test.

Use Code: hdacbhsub and get $5 off any subscription package.