Chakra: Balancing Your Energy Center

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Chakra for Beginners 

To have a grasp of Chakra, you need to know what Chakra is. When you understand it and know how to enhance it, you can improve the quality of your life.

Chakra healing originated in India. It is actually considered a system of healing that was created some time between the year 1500 and 500 BC.

It revolves around energy centers that run throughout the body, have a psychic connection, and are essential for your well-being. It is considered a form of Hinduism.

The term is taken from the Sanskrit word Cakra. Cakra has more than one meaning, including circle or wheel. References have been made to Chakra and the "wheel of life."

In some ways, Chakra healing is similar to the Ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture that focuses on balancing the flow of energy throughout the body.

The source of Chakras in the human body is at the Manipura, the Sanskrit word for "the jewel city." It is located in the area of your navel. This is where your life-giving energy flows. It energizes and rejuvenates your physical well-being. It also brings balance to your emotional and mental health.

When there is a problem with the energy running throughout your body, whether something is blocking it or there is an imbalance, you will not feel well. It may be hard to describe, but you may feel mild symptoms that make you feel like you are off.

Your moods may be erratic. You may feel fatigue. When you are facing a serious imbalance, you may experience extreme symptoms. Chakra healing will help you to balance your chakras, improving your wellness in every way. 

What are the Seven Chakras? 
As you begin to explore Chakra  and the potential improvement in your well-being, it is important to recognize the seven Chakras.

These are the major energy centers in your body and each has a color associated with it. Four of the Chakras are located in your upper body and control anything related to the spiritual, the mental, and the emotional.  Think of these Chakras as being essential for how you feel.

Three Chakras are located in the lower part of your body. They control everything related to the physical aspects of your body.

There must be balance in all seven Chakras. If something is wrong physically, it will have an impact on your emotional well-being and vice versa.

When you understand all of the Chakras, how they are connected, and that they are essential in building a strong foundation for the temple that is your body, true wellness can be achieved.

Learn about each Chakra below. 

The Root Chakra 
The Root Chakra is responsible for your primal existence. You can give credit to your Root Chakra when it comes to your basic instincts that help you to survive. You can find it at the base of your spine.

The color associated with the Root Chakra is red. To optimize this Chakra, devote time to the great outdoors. Connect with the color of this Chakra by eating fresh produce that is red to help you to feel your best. 

The Sacral Chakra 
The Sacral Chakra is responsible for your sexuality. It is located below your navel. The color associated with the Sacral Chakra is orange. Eating foods that are orange can benefit your Sacral Chakra.

When you help your creativity to flourish, it will strengthen this Chakra. A rich, healthy sex life will also optimize your Sacral Chakra. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra 
The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for your free will, or you ability to make choices without being influenced by anyone else. It is located behind its namesake, the solar plexus, an intricate network of nerves in your abdomen.

Your sense of purpose, your willpower, and your ability to be determined originate from this Chakra that is associated with the color yellow. To make the most of this Chakra, spend plenty of time out in the sun and eat foods that are yellow or have bright colors. 

The Throat Chakra 
The Throat Chakra is responsible for your ability to express yourself and communicate clearly. It is located in the throat and is associated with the color blue. Spending time by bodies of water and staying hydrated can help this Chakra to flourish. 

The Heart Chakra 
The Heart Chakra is responsible for your ability to feel love for others. Your sense of compassion originates in this Chakra that is located in your chest. It is associated with the color green.

Devote part of your day to finding places that are rich in the color green, such as the wilderness and open fields.

If you like a good game of golf, hitting the green is good for your Heart Chakra. Fill up on your leafy greens. It will benefit more than your physical well-being. You will also be promoting emotional wellness. 

The Third Eye Chakra 
The Third Eye Chakra is responsible for your psychic presence and your sense of awareness. When it comes to gut instincts or your intuition, turn to the Third Eye Chakra.

You could think of this as your conscience. It is found between your eyes, the reason it is called the Third Eye Chakra. It is associated with the color indigo.

Listening to classical music, practicing relaxation techniques, and meditation can promote balance of your Third Eye Chakra. 

The Crown Chakra 
The Crown Chakra is responsible for your overall spiritual wellness. This helps you to feel a connection with the universe around you. It is located on the crown of your head. It is associated with the color white or violet. To promote balance in this Chakra, you need to take good care of yourself. 

How Do You Know if Your Chakra is Out of Balance? 
You know your body. You know when something isn't right. However, you might not understand why.

Until you understand the connection with your Chakras, it may remain a mystery. Now that you have a better understanding of these energy channels running throughout your body, you may be able to pinpoint what is the source of any of your troubles as well as what you can do about it.

  • If you are feeling extreme frustration, depression, and a sense of alienation, it could point to a blockage or imbalance in your Crown Chakra.
  • Feeling paranoid or afraid could point to an issue with your Root Chakra.
  • If you are extremely emotional or falling prey to addiction, an imbalance with your Solar Plexus Chakra could be the source of your troubles.
  • Problems with your sexual wellness, including excessive behaviors and lust, could indicate that your Sacral Chakra is not balanced.
  • If you are feeling like you are not worthy of others or you actually have a heart condition, focus on your Heart Chakra.
  • When you are dealing with a sore throat or you are having trouble opening the lines of communication, your Throat Chakra may need attention.
  • When your sinuses are blocked, your ego is getting too big, and your patience is short, target your Third Eye Chakra.

You could be dealing with energy channels that are too open or that are blocked. You need to achieve true balance for all of your Chakras to realize your full potential. 

How Can You Balance Your Chakras? 
Achieving balance in your Chakras requires conscious thought and awareness of the centers of energy in your body.

You can make a concerted effort to achieve balance and wellness by following healthy practices on a daily basis.

Aromatherapy can surround you with scents that can benefit you in many ways. Depending on your needs at the moment, you may choose something to calm you at the close of every day or when you are feeling stressed.   A scent that is energizing may be what you need to jump into a new day.

Focusing on the positive can also steer you in the right direction. Meditation is an excellent way to help you to focus, achieve balance, and feel at peace. You can practice meditation on its own or embrace yoga as a regular part of your daily routine as well.

Focus on colors and their connection to each of the seven Chakras. Depending on an area that is imbalanced, you can surround yourself with the color that you need.  

If you feel that your own efforts to achieve balance with your Chakras are not enough, turn to a Chakra healer to guide your path. 

What to Look for in a Chakra Healer? 
A true Chakra healer has had training to understand the energy centers of the body, what indicates a problem with your Chakras, and what you can do to achieve balance.

Your Chakra healer wants to help you to experience comprehensive wellness that includes your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Before you have your first session with a Chakra healer, you need to do your homework.

As you find potential healers, ask about their training. Training alternatives include online courses, institutions that focus on holistic therapy, and retreats that last for a weekend.

You may also find a healer who has apprenticed with someone who already has a reputation for excellence. You want a Chakra healer who has experience and positive reviews from others.

An online course isn't enough to have a true understanding of Chakras. Look for an individual who has a wealth of knowledge.

Use your intuition, or your Third Eye Chakra, and let it lead you to a Chakra healer who can help you to find wellness in ways that you never imagined were possible.

A Chakra healer will use techniques that are completely natural and helps you to be more in tune with every aspect of your well-being.

You may be able to avoid the use of prescription medications or surgical solutions when you place yourself in the talented hands of a Chakra healer, although every individual is unique. 

Open the Door to a New Level of Wellness by Embracing Your Chakras 
When you become aware of your Chakras and accept the impact they have on your well-being, you can open the door to complete wellness.

Best of all, there are many lifestyle choices you can make to benefit your health on every level. Choosing foods and experiences that promote balance with your Chakras can have a positive impact on your life, one you can't even imagine.

If you are experiencing any type of problem with your life, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical, try and pinpoint the Chakra that is responsible.