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Why Should I Choose a Holistic Veterinarian?

You know the benefit of holistic medicine for yourself, so why not consider holistic care for your pet? A holistic veterinarian, sometimes known as an integrative or natural veterinarian, is a licensed veterinarian who can determine the best combination of conventional and holistic treatments.

Sometimes, conventional veterinary medicine is the most appropriate treatment approach. Surgical intervention can save a pet’s life in an emergency situation. Additionally, laboratory tests and X-rays can be useful diagnostic tools.

The difference between a conventional and holistic veterinarian is specialized training and clinical experience in alternative healing methods. There is no official certification or regulating body to oversee skill levels.

Holistic veterinary medicine is often sought out when conventional veterinary medicine cannot offer more to treat a pet’s chronic or acute illness. Your pet can benefit, however, from holistic treatment at any stage of health. Holistic veterinary medicine can improve vitality and even prevent many diseases from developing.

What holistic treatments are used?

A holistic vet offers a range of alternative and conventional treatment techniques. With so many options, the holistic vet can choose the most gentle, safe and effective treatment with the fewest side effects. Pet health can be significantly improved through holistic treatments like nutritional therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy. Aromatherapy, herbal remedies, flower essences, magnetic therapy, energy therapy, chiropractic manipulation and massage may also be used.

Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition may be used as prevention or treatment. Eating a healthier diet is key to your pet’s good health. Many commercial pet foods include chemicals and by-products that can lead to serious side effects. Your holistic veterinarian will work with you to choose the best diet for your pet, taking your lifestyle and budget into account.

Mega-nutrient Therapy, also known as Orthomolecular Medicine, may also be used. Nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants may be prescribed to correct deficiencies, support organs and tissues, and assist with healing.


The ancient Chinese treatment method of acupuncture uses needles at specific points to balance the body’s energy system. The use of acupuncture can result in decreased inflammation, a stronger immune system and less pain. Arthritis, hip dysplasia, nerve damage and intervertebral disc collapse may be successfully treated. Acupuncture may offer an alternative to the use of pain killers and steroids, as well as surgery, with fewer side effects.


Rather than focusing only on your pet’s illness, homeopathic remedies treat the whole animal. Sometimes antibiotics are necessary but, in some cases, homeopathy can be used to suppresses or eliminate symptoms and strengthen the immune system.

What can I expect when I take my pet to a holistic vet? 

Be prepared to spend a bit more time in your holistic vet’s office. Integrative pet care requires more than a physical exam to get the complete picture of your pet’s health. The holistic vet gathers information not only about your pet’s medical history but also about their behavior, environment, diet, social habits and any observed irregularities in these areas.

Holistic vets pay more attention to the animal’s mental state and try to give care in the most stress-free way possible. They may use Reiki, massage or Bach’s Rescue Remedy to calm a stressed pet.

Finally, the holistic vet will help you maintain your pet’s health through daily lifestyle choices. The vet will guide you on how to improve your pet’s diet, avoid allergens, reduce stress, and eliminate safety hazards and toxins in your pet’s environment.

How do I choose a holistic vet?

The most important thing to know about a veterinarian is their philosophy of health care. Get a referral from someone you know and trust, and ask the veterinarian questions to determine if their approach is right for your pet.

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