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What is the Genius Insight App? 

The Genius Insight App is the best biofeedback app on the market. It's a revolutionary creation that can be used to instantly analyze and balance the user's energy field right from your smart phone. This unprecedented app provides users the opportunity to

  • Discover blockages to optimal health and wellbeing
  • Strengthen the body and immune system with sound and electromagnetic therapies
  • Examine the body according to unique voice imprint
  • Identify imbalances and weaknesses in the body with a complete health analysis

What is Quantum Biofeedback, and How Can it Help Users? 

Quantum biofeedback is a phenomenon that focuses on energy balancing for the mind, body, and spirit. Such devices that feature this great concept can be used to help people recover from physical and/or emotional trauma. Quantum biofeedback devices can also eliminate stressful influences so that the body can actually heal itself. 

Benefits to Using the Genius Insight App

  • Understand potential imbalances in the body and know the necessary ways to balance the energy field.
  • Supplement or biocompatibility testing available
  • Opportunity to reveal underlying health issues through a cross analysis of separate databases with energetic items
  • Awesome training and support that offers practical advice and suggestions
  • An unprecedented mind, body, and spirit experience

Who Should Use the App? 

The Genius Insight App is strongly recommended for those who desire simple and effective solutions for achieving optimal health and wellbeing in their lives. People who are into holistic health will especially enjoy the app. 

Programs Available in the App:

  • Body systems: The body systems overview page is designed to provide users with a detailed breakdown of the various body systems of the client. In no less than 15 different panels, the user will gain a deeper understanding of the correlation between the endocrine system, digestive system, circulatory system, and immune system with certain influences like hormones, food sensitivities, vitamins, herbs, organs, and essential oils.

  • Mind Analysis Panel: This page enables the users to delve deeper into the mind of the client. The main categories, including emotional profile, brain anatomy, brain EEG, neurotransmitters, past traumas affecting, batch flower essences, each portray a number to the right side of the panel. A high number indicates a high level of disturbance.

  • Entangled Insights: The entangled insights module offers users the opportunity to closely examine any items of concern against a separate database of items such as herbs, emotions, essential oils, bacteria, viruses, and more. By knowing the underlying cause of concern, users will be able to understand common issues like why their joints ache so much. The entangled insights module also offers a search engine where users can research remedies that will be the most beneficial to their healing.

  • Custom Libraries: The Genius Insight is one of the advanced biofeedback technologies today since the app allows users to create, add, export, and import customized libraries to adhere to their unique needs. In this program, the user can manually import virtually anything such as a remedy or supplement and export the custom library to someone else.

  • Spirituality and Energy Field Options: Here users will be able to tap into aura balancing, chakra balancing, nogier frequencies, sofeggio tone, scared geometry, and spiritual protection panels


When customers purchase the Genius Insight App, the Genius team is with them every step of the way. All users can enjoy the great training resources including webinars and videos mastery guides. 

These webinars are great for current Genius Insight users. 

  • Available every Monday morning 9 am PST / 12 pm EST.

  • The training is offered in an easy-to-understand format for users who are new to this revolutionary technology that has been considered the best biofeedback app by many users.

  • Obtain answers from experts in the field and special guest speakers to many urgent questions.

  • Only an hour long and packed with useful information.

The excellent weekly webinars are hosted by Quantum Health Apps and moderated by Dr. Ariel Policano. These webinars are recommended for new users of the app as the training is provided in a simple format. 

Decide today to join the many extremely satisfied customers who are using the Genius Insight App.

  • Available for Android and iOS devices.
  • The Genius Insight App is available now for only $997.
  • 14 day free trial.


Click Here to Check Out the APP


State-of-the-art Genius Insight Accessories:

  • Geo Harness "M" Series: The Quantum Geo "M" Series is a newly designed accessory that attaches to the wrists over radial arteries. The purpose of the accessory is to provide optimal balancing for the user. Although the harness is most commonly attached to the wrists, the accessory can actually be placed over any targeted area of the body to provide a focused, localized balancing. For instance, if the client is balancing the chakra, he can position the harness over the specific chakra that he is balancing.

  • Iconic Magnetic Therapy: Iconic magnetic therapy consists of neodymium magnets that are used to "hold" the frequencies for a longer period of time. Simply place the neodymium magnets in the Quantum Geo casting to achieve this effect.

  • Geo Straps: These new geo straps are designed to encourage a more effective therapy session as the balancing energies will be sent through the entire surface of the rubberized and conductive material and the Genius Insight App. In order to ensure a proper connection, the new geo straps and the Geo Flower of Life will have a 3.5 mm audio jack connection. When attaching the straps to the client, make sure that the straps are placed securely on the wrists.

  • Chartres Labrynth iMprinter Test Plate: This useful accessory can be used to determine a client's individual reaction to specific items by placing objects like a supplement, herb, allergen, or nutrient on the iMprinter test plate. Once the object is placed on the plate, the user can import the energetic signature of this item into the software. Press "scan" to view the results.