What are the health benefits of Black Seed Oil?

Holistic Team

The Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil comes from the plant called “nigella sativa.” It produces small, black seeds, which are crushed to release a dark oil. The oil is heated and purified to ensure its safety and efficacy before being packaged for purchase.

The seeds from this plant are bitter when they are eaten whole. And some say that they taste similar to the common kitchen spice called “cardamom.” So sometimes, the oil is called "black cumin oil," since cumin seeds come from the cardamom plant.

Unlike other oils, this one isn't used for cooking though. It is taken in either a liquid or capsule form for medicinal purposes because it has no known side effects.

When considering what are the benefits of black seed oil, the following information should be noted:

Defense Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The most important medicinal benefit that this oil can offer is in treating those infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. After years of doctors over-prescribing antibiotics, these bacteria have become very dangerous, since there is not much left that can treat them.

Many people have also built up an immunity to even the strongest antibiotics because of problems with their immune system, which caused them to need to take them longer than the normal ten-day period.

One common example of this can be seen in people who have been infected with AIDS or HIV. But it can also occur in patients who struggle with serious long-term infections, such as endocarditis.

This infection of the lining of the heart often requires a person to take round after round of strong antibiotics. So the use of black seed oil as a substitute for these medications is life-saving. 

Preventative Against Diabetes

Those who have type-two diabetes often use black seed oil as a substitute for dangerous prescription medications to control their blood sugar levels. It helps reverse insulin resistance, so the body can properly use sugar to feed the cells.

This also helps control many of the unpleasant symptoms that diabetics get from having this disease, such as weakness, weight gain, mood swings, and nerve damage.

Weight Loss Aid

When a person's sugar levels are controlled, they can lose weight more easily. This is due to the way that the body turns to fat cells for energy when there isn't enough sugar available in the blood stream.

So in the same way that black seed oil helps diabetics stay healthier, it can also help people who don't have diabetes, but need to lose a few pounds.

The weight loss can also be contributed to the appetite-reducing properties of the oil. If a person isn't hungry all the time, it is easier for them to stick to their diet. 

Hair Growth

Besides being used internally, black seed oil can be applied topically to the body and hair. When it gets rubbed in to bald spots and thinning scalps, it encourages the hair to grow in thicker.

Those with long, flowing hair also find that it helps prevent breakage and split-ends. It should be mentioned that it works best for people who have dark hair though. Blonds could have discoloration if they use it.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

When the body can't turn off its usual immune system response, this is called “chronic inflammation.” It is harmful because it means that the body is attacking healthy tissue instead of defending a person against foreign viruses or bacteria.

This can cause long-term damage to joints, muscles, and organs. So it is crucial that it be brought under control as quickly as possible. Black seed oil has been proven to be able to do this safely in people of all ages who are struggling with this condition.

Researchers contribute this to the chemical compositions thymol, thymoquinone, and thymohydroquinine that the oil is rich in.

Fungus Cure

Fungal infections are not easy to get rid of because most medications are only helpful in treating bacteria or viruses. So many people turn to this natural remedy to relieve the itching and discomfort that fungi on the skin can cause.

It works the best when it is applied directly to the area. However, internal yeast infections can be treated by drinking it instead. 

As you can see, knowing about what are the benefits of black seed oil is important for those who want to keep this natural medicine on hand. It can treat numerous ailments, such as infections, diabetes, and inflammation without any dangerous side effects.

And it even makes hair soft, shiny, and thick. To get the best results from this treatment, it is crucial that only pure black seed oil be taken.

Many natural oils have been diluted with other filler oils or liquids, which reduce its effectiveness. To guarantee that only the best quality oil is purchased, consumers should be sure to carefully read the label or other information that it is packaged with.

It is also helpful to contact the company that is selling it directly. By law, they must mention any other ingredients to customers that ask.