The Healing Benefits of Tuning into the 528hz Frequency

Holistic Team

Have you heard of positive and negative "vibrations"? Most likely, you have. Although many people use these terms in an abstract sense, it's true that all things in the world (even you) are vibrating at a specific frequency. That's what energy does--it vibrates.

What if you could tune into the Earth's vibrations? The earth vibrates at a rate of 528 HZ, and it's thought that by tuning into this frequency, you can promote better health and healing.

This fact is thought to have been discovered by Pythagoras--also the father of modern mathematics, religion, and philosophy to name a few of his other accomplishments. This idea was later codified into what's now known as the Solfeggio frequencies. 

In developing the math behind the construction of our Western musical scale, Pythagoras tapped into frequencies that are pleasing not only to our ears, but our entire bodies.

The story, however, goes a lot deeper than that...

How the 528hz Frequency Affects Water

Sounds (including what we think of as musical "notes" or "tones") all have different frequencies. Some are harmonious and natural, others create only static.

You might be aware that different harmonic frequencies produce different geometric patterns in sand or powder (as shown in fascinating videos like this one). It's much harder to illustrate, but certain harmonic frequencies create the same type of change in water molecules.

Because of the effect it has on water, some have theorized that this frequency can heal issues with your DNA. All DNA is surrounded by a supportive matrix comprised of hexagonal water clusters.

By restructuring water into stable rings (clusters), it's thought that the 528 Hertz frequency and others like it can affect your DNA's optimal performance, such as its ability to "hydrate". 

It's also thought that certain frequencies can remove DNA "impurities", often caused by environmental pollution, and other more harmful frequencies.

Although there's not yet enough evidence to fully support this claim, we will look at an intriguing potential breakthrough regarding healing frequencies in a later section.

Benefits of the "Love Frequency"

We live in a world that's full of pollution, processed food, negative emotions, and consumerism run amok. Even though you can't necessarily feel the effect of harmful frequencies, your body and your brain definitely notices.

Because the love frequency is inherently tied to the chakra system, the musical scale, and the classical idea of the Golden Ratio ("phi") it has a lot of potential benefits for people.

Asymmetric and unstable frequencies create a jarring effect in people. Tuning into purer, more-natural frequencies is a way to tap into the love and energy all around us.

If you're worried about the damage that electromagnetic frequency all around you (computers, cell phones, etc), discovering some of the 528 hz frequency benefits could bring about some much-needed changes for you.

A few of the benefits of this frequency include:

  • Treating polluted water

  • Improved mood

  • Centering yourself

  • Detoxifying

What the Science Says

Scientists have been interested in the healing power of various frequencies nearly since science itself was developed. 

A notable proponent of these ideas was Nikola Tesla, now a world-renowned physicist. Tesla, in his day, theorized that removing certain frequencies from our bodies would lower our overall chances of disease and illness--indeed it was one of the driving questions of his late career.

For a more modern perspective, let's turn to a study that proved DNA can be activated by music (specifically, 528 hertz Gregorian Chanting). These tests showed that music featuring special frequencies can activate different potentialities in purified, isolated DNA.

Although rock music and even classical only produced a negligible effect, repetitive drones produced observable changes in the DNA's water absorption.

Other Important Frequencies

The original musical tones are thought to correspond with the Hindu notion of chakras. As such, 528 is part of a "family" of healing tones, each with different properties.

This frequency can be used alone or in combination with other powerful frequencies, including

396 Hz- Relieving depression, alleviating fear
417 Hz- Facilitating important changes
432 Hz- Meditation, heart stimulation
639 Hz- Building personal connections and balance within relationships
741 Hz- Problem-solving, creativity
852 Hz- Awakening your intuition, promoting spiritual balance

Tuning Into the 528 Hertz Frequency

If you're interested, there are a number of ways to take advantage of the benefits that the 528hz frequency can provide.

There are albums centered around these tones, you can try some out on YouTube to see if you like the effects. You can even buy a special set of Solfeggio tuning forks that produce these frequencies, unfailingly.

However you choose to take advantage of the healing benefits of the love frequency, we hope it helps bring about positive, life-affirming changes for you. Feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have. Thanks for reading about this esoteric, but important frequency!