Yogastrology®: Pluto’s Power - Your New Life

Diane Booth Gilliam

Pluto’s Power - Your New Life Diane Booth Gilliam Pluto went retrograde from April 18 to September 27, 2016 and during that time — did you undergo any profound changes, possibly related to buried memories or repressed emotions coming to the surface? I certainly did… my sweet mother died. (Bless your soul, my beloved mama - I will live my life now as a tribute to you, to your strength). So you see I’m not kidding, when I tell you that Pluto rules death (also rebirth).

As Pluto turns direct on September 27 (…and this will become even more evident in the near future, after Pluto clears its ‘shadow’) you will be able to make some highly-positive changes in your life.

Wield the awesome power of deep transformation, death-and-rebirth — a la Pluto, in your life. I have to say it again: this is very powerful energy. We have to allow it to flow freely, so that the necessary transformation within our lives can occur at the proper time — WARNING — if you don’t, count on major difficulties; real crises; very tense situations.

I have one more real-life story about Pluto. Ugh. The city sewer exploded in the house where I was living at few years ago; it happened right around a Pluto transit. Yes the power of Pluto is that explosive - obviously (and I knew this at the time, but I kept putting it off), I was meant to move out of that house!

Therefore, dear one - please. Pay very close attention to your newly-acquired needs. Now is the time to focus on incorporating those freshly-hatched needs of yours into your next chapter of life. Pluto is transformative power par excellence. Go with it.

Be ye transformed.

Have a beautiful day. Namaste.

Yogastrology® founder Diane Booth Gilliam, MA holds degrees in Psychology, Humanities, and Philosophy, as well as advanced yoga teacher and yoga therapist certifications including mentorship in the traditions of Iyengar, Anusara®, Svaroopa®, Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy®.

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