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Specialty: acupuncture, psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, meditation—wellness through maintenance and prevention. Indigestion, hormone imbalance, pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, detoxification.The Importance of Quality SupplementsIn my 30 years experience of study, observation, practice in Oriental Medicine and nutrition, I have recognized the important benefits of nutritional supplements in improving my patients overall health and well being - physically, mentally and emotionally. As my patients brought in supplements they were using, I became aware of the poor quality and high cost.As a result, I decided to create my own line of natural nutritional vitamin and mineral supplements which I know are consistent pharmaceutical grade for the highest purity and the best possible price. These packs of highly effective specialized ingredients target specific areas of health concerns as well as prevention and maintenance.Healing Arts Nutraceuticals are free of common allergens, including dairy, wheat, soy, yeast, corn, gluten, as well as artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and preservatives. In addition to our own product line, we also carry vitamin and mineral supplements from select kindred companies who share our high standard of quality.Let us help you live a healthier lifestyle!John E. Patton, AP, LMHCDirector Healing Arts CenterAre you interested in taking natural nutritional supplements? We invite you to try ours for quality, purity and price. We believe you will agree these are among the highest.AP488/MH2616